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Consultation on Internal Medicine

Internal medicine consultation in Nice

Internal Medicine is a medical specialty that requires an internship of 5 years after the first 6 years of medical training. It is based on 3 axes.

1 / The diagnosis Certain diseases or symptoms due to their rarity or the diversity of their clinical expression are difficult to diagnose and require the advice of an experienced specialist. This is particularly the case with so-called systems diseases which can reach different organs to varying degrees.

2 / The management of system diseases These are rare diseases often accompanied by a “dysregulation” of immunity with inappropriate inflammation, or abnormal antibodies. We speak of inflammatory or autoimmune diseases such as lupus, vasculitis, sarcoidosis …

3 / A global vision of the patient Internal medicine approaches general medicine and geriatrics by a global approach of the patient taking into account the relationship and the balance between the organs and the tissues and possible pathological or therapeutic involvement After a classical training as an internist, enriched with a master’s degree 2 in biology, extensive training in immunology, and experience as a clinical leader, that is to say, a post-doctoral position,

Dr. Escure Held various hospital posts before moving to liberal medicine, attached to the prestigious and sharp St. George / Saint Antoine group in 2013 in Nice.

For several years now, Dr. Escure has developed collaborations with the entire medical community of Nice and its region, including Monaco, in order to gather and solicit the skills necessary for the management of medical patients Internal, rare diseases and diseases Dysimmunity in Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côté d’Azur.

Dr. Escure holds a degree in cancerology, as a medical oncologist, and is recognized as competent in the management and treatment of cancers. Dr. Escure is an allopath but in the care of his patients he is led to collaborate with experienced specialists in acupuncture or homeopathy, in a spirit of integrative medicine to optimize the effectiveness of treatments.